G e r a l d t o n    C r o q u e t    C l u b


Geraldton Croquet Club membership fees are modest, currently $90.00 annually, most of which goes to Croquetwest the peak croquet body in Western Australia, which provides our insurance, administrative support and some funding for interclub tournaments.

  Our members' green fees are also quite modest, it costs only $5.00 a day to play and fees are capped at $20.00 in any one week.


Training class for some new members - photo by Maureen Nanson
Croquet can be played from about age 10-12 by girls and boys. Junior fees are 50% of adult fees, i.e. $45.00 membership for under 21's. Junior Green fees are currently $2.50 per session.
The club has a good range of club mallets which are available for hire at $5.00 for a six month period.

Visiting groups are welcome to a social day or night at $10.00 per adult or younger visitors 10-18 years old, $5.00. See our Corporate Functions page.

Club Fees in Summary

School groups are $2.00 pp session

Corporate, social and all other group functions.......

Adults pp. $10.00, juniors (10 -18) pp  $5.00

Club membership fees over 21's -  $90.00 pa

Club. membership fees Juniors 12 - 21 - $45.00 pa

Green fees for adult members $5 per day, max of $20 per week

Green fees for junior members $2.50. per day; max of $10.00 per week.

Casual adult visitors - $10 per visit, max of six visits before membership is required.

New player coaching fees : $20 for five sessions of 1 1/2 hrs, deducted from club membership fee upon joining. 

Club member coaching available - free for members.