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Corporate Functions

17th February saw around 30 members of Geraldton Apex Club and their families hold a function at Geraldton Croquet Club. They played full-court croquet, each group guided by members of the croquet club who explained rules and tactics as the games progressed.






On the evening of Wednesday 1st February more than 70 staff from Rigters Supermarkets enjoyed competing for their Argie Cup at Geraldton Croquet Club. The night pitted staff from Queens Supa IGA, Rigters Supa IGA and Wonthella Supa IGA against each other to see who would claim the glory.


The Argie Cup


The competition was a round robin event played on 6 half courts. Each game was guided by members of the croquet club who explained rules and technique to the players and helped to keep the scores as the games proceeded. The players enjoyed a pizza, drinks and snacks between games and had a great time.



The cup was won by Wonthella Supa IGA (132 points) who held out Rigters in second on 114 points and Queens in third on 86 points.



Wonthella Supa IGA celebrating the win on the night and retaining bragging rights as the winners of The Argie Cup for the second time in a row.



Pictured below, General Manager, Kyme Rigter and Operations Manager, Stuart Bain revealing the results prior to presenting the Argie Cup to Wonthella Supa IGA.



Geraldton Croquet Club thanks Paul Dodson for managing the GCC side of the function and the numerous club members who guided the guest players through an enjoyable series of games. We also thank Rigters General Manager, Kyme Rigter and Operations Manager, Stuart Bain for their organisational efforts making the games flow smoothly. Most of all we thank the Rigters employees for making the night such a success. We all hope you will come again and we look forward to hosting another great night.

Geraldton Croquet Club can host corporate functions for your business, organisation or club. We can offer you up to three full courts or six half courts, enabling up to 48 people to play at any one time. All courts have floodlights; so day, evening or sundowner functions can be arranged. We will provide experienced croquet players for each group to explain the game and the rules as you go and to offer advice and guidance as required. All the groups who have done this have told us they had a great time and believed we offer very good value for money for their social functions.

We do not have catering facilities or a liquor license, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks and to bring your own food and/or order pizza, fish and chips or whatever delivered to the club. We charge $10.00 per head for these functions; regardless of if you choose to have a 30 min or 4 hour function (or anything in between) you get the use of our playing facilities, we set up and clear the courts, provide all equipment and explain the game. Please email Sport Promotion Coordinator Kay Chynoweth or call her on 9938 3619 to book your function.