G e r a l d t o n    C r o q u e t    C l u b


 The Anne Bunter Golden Mallet

The Anne Bunter Golden Mallet event had to be postponed in 2016 due to our courts being closed for verticutting. A strong field of 14 members competed in a day/night match at the Geraldton Croquet Club on 18th January 2017. It is a golf croquet handicap doubles event.

Pictured below left is Anne Bunter who presented the Golden Mallet to winners Ken and Jenny Morris.

Runners up were Maureen Nanson, pictured below left, and Sandra Toomey.

A pleasant afternoon and evening were enjoyed by all who took part. The club thanks Anne Bunter for running a great competition and all the members who competed. The Golden Mallet will be contested again in November to determine the winners for 2017.

 Photographs by Maureen Nanson and Rhonda Reynolds