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Country Week 2017


The Croquetwest Country Weekend Golf Croquet Singles tournament for 2017

was held at Nedlands Croquet Club over the weekend of 25th & 26th March.

The A Grade winner and Player of the Tournament

was Paul Dodson of Geraldton Croquet Club.

Paul was undefeated through the tournament.



Photo Lyn McPharlin

GCC members Paul Dodson, Pamela Kerr and Rhonda Reynolds combined efforts

resulted in Geraldton Croquet Club also winning the team award for Country Weekend 2017.

A very successful weekend for the players representing Geraldton.

The winning team is determined from games played between team players in all grades

against those from other teams, games between team players are discarded

as they of course will be 50/50 - one wins and one loses.


 Details of Paul's A/B Grade win below, courtesy of croquetscores.com



A/B Wins Losses Net Hoops
Paul Dodson (Geraldton) 8 0 +24
Robyn Dart (Busselton) 6 3 +10
Rob Tombleson (Narrogin) 5 4 +3
Denis Bull (York) 4 4 +6
Dorothy Bull (York) 4 4 -3
Jill Nottle (Narrogin) 2 7 -16
Noel Sims (Narrogin) 1 8 -24