G e r a l d t o n    C r o q u e t    C l u b


Club Fixtures 2017

*entries in red held in Geraldton


MONTH EVENT Opening Closing  
7-8 State B Grade Golf Croquet Singles L   22/01/17  
18/01/17 2016 Golden Mallet    GC H D      
 11/02/17  Gomm Park Albany Valentines Golf H D      
  25&26  Croquetwest Country Singles Perth  GC  L  S      
 09/04  Gratte Cup Golf Novelty Event  24/03/17  07/04/17  
 01/04  State Open  Cambridge GC L D      
 22/23  Croquetwest Golf teams event Moorabinda L T      
 8th  Trevor Hansen Trophy  GC H S
 25/04/17  06/05/17  
 13/14  State Open Singles Como GC L S      
 2-12  Association Championships  20/05  30/05  
 18th onwards  Golf Championships Open, division 2, division 3
 01/06/17  17/06/17  
 24/25  Brian Hadley  GC L S      
15 Entries for Geraldton Annual Tournament 15/07/17    
 22/23  AC Champion of Champions Nedlands      
 29  Champion of Champions Nedlands  GC  L  S      
 5-9  Annual Geraldton Tournament  (AC & GC)      
 12-13  Country Doubles York  GC L D      
 18  Blanche Martin AC,H Doubles
 01/08/2017  17/08/2017  
 2-9  Allen Marsh   GC  H  S
 19/08/2017  31/08/17  
 14/10/17  G&M Brown 2 life AC H S
 01/10/17  13/10/17  
17/11/17  Anne Bunter Golden Mallet GC, H, D
 28/1017  11/11/17  
17/12/17  Fun Day and Presentations

AC = Association Croquet, GC = Golf Croquet, H = Handicap Event, S = Singles, D = Doubles

NB Fixtures may be changed at the discretion of the management committee