G e r a l d t o n    C r o q u e t    C l u b

GCC – Pro-Am

 This week the Geraldon Croquet Club held its inaugural Golf Croquet Pro-AM.

Junior players paired with very experienced players to compete.

Two separate events were completed with the winner in Event 1 being Eamonn Mitchell and in Event 2, Riley Hough.

Riley Hough Eamonn Mitchell


Both Eamonn and Riley executed some amazing hoop scoring shots by accurately hitting balls though hoops approx 16 metres away! Riley almost scored a jump shot…lucky for the opposition! Hudson scored in three opportunities by jump shotting his ball over the opposition to be the first to complete those hoops.

Riley attempting jump shot Hudson Bennett jump shot


Four matches in all were played during each session in an afternoon, a new experience for all competitors.

Congratulations to winners and competitors as there was only one point the difference in each result.

The club looks forward to hosting more of these events in the future. The club congratulates Kay Chynoweth for initiating and running with the Under 21's program. Young players are the future of our club and our sport. We hope that they will continue to develop in the game and go on to represent the club, perhaps the State and possibly Australia. Well done!